Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I do not know why,
I only want to cry.
Maybe because I was stabbed on the sly,
Which made my soul dry.

The night was drenched with rain,
When I walked unknowingly into the den.
Later, I was throbbing with pain,
Which made me insane.

I did not have a voice to raise,
Did it go for a 'graze'?
It is impossible to praise,
This memory, which I badly want to erase.


  1. wah! Have u wrote this???

    and yes, Welcome to Bloggers world.

  2. Yes, Of Course I've written this. Thanks for the welcome !!

  3. Bedit surprise re.....that was fantastic piece coming from a young heart...Keep writing. All the best!!

  4. Keep writing... - Ulki

  5. Hi Bedit, congrats for your first blog-post. I really liked it yaar. First two lines touched me most. Most strange feelings of the world is not knowing why we want to cry!

  6. i dnt know what memory u want 2 erase..........but after reading that poem noone can erase it from their is awesome.

  7. This is awesome dude.are we having a poet in making?and Congrats for your all new blog.keep blogging

  8. Lovely poem...
    I can thoroughly identify myself with the pain you seem to have gone through.
    Keep doing the good work.
    Looking forward to your next post.
    God bless !!

  9. Bedit, you seem to be an awe-inspiring poet. Nice choice of words. Keep Blogging !!

  10. The poem is quite touching. I was so melancholic after reading it. It really touched my heart.

  11. awsum poem........this poem depicts a picture of the pain of countless number of people in the world.........i really liked it..........

  12. great poetry..!!
    keep writing more....

    all da best for ur blog

  13. Lovely poem... Although it's filled with pathos, it was awesome to read. The feelings are real, that's for sure. Keep it up, Bedit !!

  14. sometimes people unknowingly touch a chord in your heart. You have touched countless chords of my heart. keep the up the good work. JHAKAS!

  15. I liked all your poems, Bedit. You are one aspiring poet to look out for. It was very nice to meet you at the Tolly Club. Your entry was the BEST.