Sunday, June 22, 2014


The ball has been set to roll,
It might not attain its goal.
The due trail has its own toll;
Embedded by a thwarting mole.

Is myth to be blamed?
The avant-garde are ashamed.
Those who remain unnamed;
And flounder to get tamed.

It was an archaic alliance,
To proliferate their endurance.
Like old and anew converse with cognizance;
To ascertain that passé is per se brilliance!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


To be articulate,
Is what one intends to be.
Most try to inculcate;
But alas! It has no effect on me.

Those insuperable turn of events,

Had made me dwell in the agone.
My composure was filled with dents,
When I discerned I was treated as a pawn.

The dawn which I encountered as a chance,

Helped me realize that I had finally won;
And eventually strike balance,
Between letting go and holding on.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

From Within: A Parable

The sense lies in us,
Aren't we all aware?
All around there is a fuss;
Here I come, beware!

Where is the dearth?
Have we forsaken our very soul?
The quest goes on for a ‘justified’ birth;
Hence, uplift ourselves to reach the goal.

The answer lies in our very existence,
Quite intricate to unravel;
Let’s undo whatever is tense,
And entrust our acumen to marvel.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Those times were profoundly gifted,
When thou were in my arms.
Consequently our spirits got lifted;
Like the tricks with which an enchanter charms.

It came as a bolt from the blue,
When thou decided it was better to evanesce.
Thy life had lost its hue,
Contradictions forced us to buy peace.

"What do we aspire to be?"
Is of paramount significance.
Let's simplify and unlock the key;
And preserve it with eternal remembrance.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The time is suitably ripe,
To set ablaze the pyre.
My eyes are moist which I tend to wipe,
And hope that the consequences are not dire.

“What had gone wrong?”
I ask thyself bewilderedly.
Alas! There was no harmony left in the song;
This compelled me to make amends dissentingly.

Priorities came into forth at an early stage;
Their curious assortment had its own role to play.
With much difficulty I extricate myself from the cage;
To unleash a new ME and eventually call it a day.